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Why Choose LWH Therapy ?

I founded LWH Therapy after a traumatic pregnancy in which I didn’t feel my mental health was adequetely supported. I experienced Hyperemesis Gravidarum throughout my pregnancy and as anyone who has gone through it knows, this can produce severe mental distress. Once I recovered I decided to train as a psychotherapist so that other people in the similar situations have somewhere to turn to for their mental health needs.

I am a person centred experiential therapist. This means that I work in a way that gives my clients the time and space to decide what they want to work on in the sessions and they decide what is significant for their own progress. I am trauma informed and feel that the relationship with my clients is of utmost importance and do my best to ensure that they feel safe around me and feel I am trying to understand them with empathy and without judgement.

I have background as a youth worker and worked as youth worker in Australia in school, residential and church settings before I moved to the UK. 


Certificate IV in Youth Work (Australia)

Bachelors of Arts (Australia)

Level 2 in Supporting the Breastfeeding Mother (UK)

Masters of Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice with Distinction (UK)

I am registered with NCPS as an accredited counsellor and psychotherapist. I have a clean DBS, insurance and am registered with the ICO. I can be found here on the psychology today website.

I have worked with people who need support in the following:


Perinatal Psychotherapy
Breastfeeding Support
Specialised HG Therapy
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